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Our Newest Release Helps Ensure a Superior End-to-End User Experience for Your Mobile Applications

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Virtual app suite

Assuring End-to-End User Experience for Your Mobile Applications

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Calligo relies on Xangati to deliver an optimal customer experience

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Is your future looking “Stormy”?

Predict or overcome contention storms that could impact your end-user experience ASAP

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Intelligent Infrastructures Run Xangati™


Only Xangati provides a second-by-second, application-aware view into your entire infrastructure with deep analytics and remediation. Find out how.

VDI Suite

Live and continuous tracking of your entire VDI infrastructure for best end-user experience

VI Suite

Intelligent performance management of workloads in your virtualized environments

Virtual App Suite

Optimized end-to-end user experience for Cloud and Mobile applications

WebApp Suite

Ensures the most successful roll-out of new Web applications at scale

So, who trusts their infrastructure with Xangati?

Good question. Glad you asked.

“After installing #Xangati for our VDI, it took less than 1 week of collecting metrics to find a problem we’ve spent 1 year looking for! #WIN”


Jason Morris


Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you.

I want to leverage the most VMs on my hardware investment.

I need to make sure my virtual desktop infrastructure is scalable for growth.

I need to ensure that my application’s performance meets my SLA.

My VDI has problems…I just don’t know where...

I need a custom view for my specific workload.

I want to identify and solve performance contention.

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Xangati Video Customer Testimonial - Calligo

Case Study

U.S. Army improves patient record access with VDI and Xangati

Executive Dashboard

Focus on the performance of elements of the infrastructure that matters to you

Press Release

Xangati Delivers Freemium Edition of XSR12 Performance Management Suites

Relationships Handshake

Forging strong relationships

Xangati partners with a worldwide network of leading technology companies, value-added resellers, and integrators embodying a performance-oriented approach to virtualization, network, application or infrastructure performance management.

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