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We help resolve service quality issues more quickly, optimize virtual applications, diagnose root causes of contention storms and assure overall infrastructure health.

Accelerate Your Business Outcomes

Revolutionizing infrastructure performance with the most meaningful insights and fastest remediation that deliver the highest levels of service assurance while running infrastructure at peak efficiency.

Unsurpassed Visibility

End-to-end visibility including the datacenter, client devices, applications and users with second by second precision at scale...

Save Money

Support large-scale environments with our scalable in-memory architecture and rebalance workloads to make IT infrastructure run more efficiently …

Assure Performance

Leverage Xangati’s unsurpassed visibility, root-cause identification and advanced, predictive and service assurance...

Faster Problem Resolution

Leverage powerful, portable, DVR-like recordings initiated by a threshold being crossed or a user quality of experience issue flagged by Virtual Trouble Tickets…

Capabilities - See. Resolve. Prevent. Perform.

unsurpassed visibility
root cause discovery
prescriptive analytics
better business outcomes

Xangati’s in-memory architecture scales to meet the needs of the most demanding IT environments. Xangati cross-references interdependencies for thousands of metrics on a second-by-second basis; unsurpassed visibility and control of the infrastructure is met without the need to install and manage agents.

93%Reduction in MTTR

300xMore Granularity

10%Reduction in CAPEX

Granularity, MTTR and CAPEX Improvements are based on estimated averages from real world results of Xangati customers

Learn about how our clients succeed running Xangati…How can you start getting real-time, consistent performance results?

How can Xangati Help you?

I want to leverage the most VMs on my hardware investment

I need to make sure my virtual desktop infrastructure is scalable for growth.

I need to ensure that my application’s performance meets my SLA

My VDI has problems. I just don’t know where...

I need a custom view for my specific workload

I want to identify and solve performance contention

Xangati Customer Testimonial


Xangati Support for Citrix XenServer

Xangati, a Citrix Ready Partner, discusses its hypervisor support for XenServer to its Citrix-oriented analytics featuring deep, correlated insights captured for XenDesktop, XenApp and NetScaler that provide a performance monitoring…

Xangati Solution Provider E-Meetup - August 2015

During this interactive e-meet up, Lauren Robinette, Xangati¹s Director Strategic Alliances and Channel Development will discuss Xangati Solution Provider Program in full detail. Brian Diamond Owner of partnership LANStatus, LLC…

Cross-Silo Intelligence to Optimize Your VI

Find out how you can automatically avoid resource contention storms, and make faster and smarter IT purchase decisions. Some of the toughest questions IT administrators face will be posed and…

Swett & Crawford

The advantages of providing Citrix XenDesktop-based virtual desktops to their employees include the heightened security that it provides as well as the flexibility for employees to work on any device…

Coastal Companies

Coastal Sunbelt Produce has emerged as the leading food service distributor of produce and dairy in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region. Coastal has a blended environment of VMware Horizon with View…


Hays Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital maintaining a local market share of nearly 90% and staffing more than one thousand associates and physicians. Prior to Xangati, HaysMed was…

Xangati Video Customer Testimonial - Calligo

"Xangati has played a major role in the dramatic improvements Calligo has seen in customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition," said Julian Box, CEO and co-founder of Calligo. "Since implementing…

Xangati Product Overview

This presentation describes the use cases for Xangati, its key features and the benefits it provides to IT departments that want to get the most from the investments they have…

Virtualization & Cloud Infrastructure

Over 400 customers among enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational systems and cloud providers use Xangati’s solutions to provide the intelligent performance management of workloads running in your VI and…

Xangati / Citrix Ready – Performance Control and Service Assurance Analytics Podcast– Episode 243

In episode 243, Douglas Brown interviews Atchison Frazer, VP of Marketing at Xangati . Plus, we are happy to have Anil Kumar from Citrix Ready with us. Together we discuss…

Xangati: SaaS Monitoring Service for IT, Operations and Development Podcast with Atchison Frazer and Julian Box

Xangati’s very own VP of Marketing, Atchison Frazer and Julian Box from Calligo discuss public, private, and hybrid cloud along with how Xangati helps overcome performance issues and more. Listen…

Xangati: Virtualization Management Podcast with Jagan Jagannathan

Whether your infrastructure is in your premises or in the cloud, Xangati can manage its end-to-end performance. Learn how from Jagan Jagannathan, founder of Xangati as he explains it to…

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