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VI Suite

The Xangati Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Suite improves performance by analyzing all the virtual and physical infrastructure components—including your applications. Request the Xangati VI Dashboard and start seeing a live, continuous health index tracking all elements of your virtual infrastructure.

VDI Suite

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Suite provides the industry’s first solution to comprehensively track end-to-end all key infrastructure components that affect VDI end-user experience.


The Xangati VirtualApp Suite communicates with the XenApp service to get information about users and applications as well as ICA and HDX metrics. If there is a Citrix NetScaler ADC present, important timing information such as the latencies and throughput metrics out to mobile devices is collected, without the need to install agents. 


The Xangati WebApp Suite ensures the most successful roll out of new Web applications at scale. Specifically designed for HTTP/HTML/CSS Web environments, it communicates with Web services in real-time to get information about users and applications without the need to install agents.

Network Suite

The Xangati Network Suite places the same dedicated focus on virtual networks that our VI and VDI Dashboards place on the virtualized infrastructure and virtualized desktops.

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