Ensure a superior end-user experience with live data monitoring and predictive analysis for Citrix and VMware VDI environments

Live & Continuous Monitoring

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Suite provides the industry’s first solution to comprehensively track end-to-end all key infrastructure components that affect VDI end-user experience.

Get live to the second awareness of the performance health of your entire VDI without requiring any software agents.

Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Live & continuous monitoring for Citrix and VMware VDI environments
Xangati VDI Suite – 70% improvement of VDI end-user experience

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Achieve dramatic improvements in assurance of VDI end-user experience (EUX) and an over 70% accelerated problem resolution. Enhance the productivity of your incident management process using DVR recordings of actual issues and understand actual storage IOPs and CPU/memory requirements using actual production data.

Features and Benefits

Xangati Network Suite helps in monitoring the health of network infrastructure.

Application Impact

Xangati collects and analyzes application-level metrics from Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View about users and the virtual desktops they are running in real-time and correlates those metrics with others collected from the end-to-end IT infrastructure. IT administrators can get the maximum utilization of their IT infrastructure while ensuring that they deliver excellent user experiences and Xangati empowers them to resolve issues in significantly less time per incident.

Application Impact

ties the virtual desktop user experience back to IT infrastructure components to provide unsurpassed performance monitoring, analysis and suggested remediation.

VMware View Focus

provides Xangati with vital metrics on the View servers and services to empower IT personnel to optimize operations with capabilities that complement vROPS.

Citrix XenDesktop Focus

provides Xangati with key information on users and their virtual desktops.

Citrix NetScaler ADC Focus

provides powerful metrics about mobile device latencies and throughput.

My Dashboard

shows at-a-glance metrics collected from the IT infrastructure components that are working together on an virtual desktop.

Visual Trouble Ticket

lets users report an issue and a recording is captured and attached to speed resolution by helpdesk personnel.

Real-time at Scale

Xangati has proven itself in some of the largest virtualized infrastructures in the world. It has been architected with a fast, in-memory database so it can scale to meet the needs of the most demanding IT environments by collecting thousands of metrics on a second-by-second basis to provide unsurpassed visibility and control without the need to install and manage agents.

Architected for Large Scale

Xangati collects thousands of metrics from the IT infrastructure in real-time into an in-memory database.

Live and Continuous Data

is captured by polling or via data “flows” continually streamed from network switches and ADCs.

No Agents or Probes

are required to collect real-time metrics from the end-to-end IT infrastructure, increasing productivity of IT personnel.

Second-by-Second Metrics

provide the precision needed for IT personnel and advanced analytics to resolve thorny issues quickly.

Proven at Scale

at the largest VDI deployments & virtual infrastructures world-wide, Xangati can scale to over 100,000 VMs, virtual applications and virtual desktops.

Fast Time to Clarity

is provided, as Xangati starts to show results within a few hours.

NOC Dashboard

provides a world-wide view of all Xangati sites from a single pane of glass for large scale.

Prescriptive Analytics

The Xangati in-memory, real-time analytics engine adjusts thresholds dynamically based on best practices and historical metrics to eliminate the need for continual manual adjustments. It discovers the root cause of alarm or resource contention storm and it projects future performance, availability and capacity utilization on at-a-glance dashboards and in its powerful reports which greatly aid IT personnel to increase the utilization of IT resources, achieve faster resolution times, and make faster and better informed IT investment decisions.

Advanced Analytics Engine

is constantly analyzing all incoming metrics in real-time and prescribes actions to be taken by IT personnel to optimize operations.

Dynamic Thresholds

is constantly analyzing all incoming metrics in real-time and prescribes actions to be taken by IT personnel to optimize operations.

Root Cause Discovery

of an alarm storm is performed and prescriptive remediation steps save IT personnel valuable time.

Storm Tracker

shows the severity of resource contention storms allowing IT to get the most from their IT infrastructure and plan the future.

Prescribed Administrative Actions

dramatically improve infrastructure utilization and IT productivity.

Live Performance Indicators

show infrastructure health at-a-glance and flag issues, saving valuable time.

Relative Capacity Utilization Index

helps to maximize infrastructure utilization while assuring virtual desktop performance.


on resource contention, capacity utilization, projected needs and the actions required to keep operations running smoothly help to make better IT purchase decisions.

Executive Dashboard

provides at-a-glance health information tailored for executive stakeholders.

End-to-End Visibility

Xangati provides unsurpassed end-to-end visibility on a live and continuous basis of the entire IT infrastructure from the datacenter out to mobile devices that are used to access deployed applications. When a threshold is crossed, or when manually initiated by a user a recording is captured which can be emailed to helpdesk personnel for unsurpassed issue resolution times.

Automatic Discovery

of users, applications, desktops, groups and other IT infrastructure saves valuable time.

At-a-Glance Dashboards

show overall health and provide an unsurpassed ability to drill down through thousands of metrics with laser focus on resolving a user issues quickly.

Powerful Recordings

are captured when a threshold is crossed, or when initiated by a user and are emailed to helpdesk personnel for rapid issue resolution.

End-to-End Visibility

of users, applications, BYO mobile devices, switches, networks, ADCs, servers, services and storage keeps IT operations running smoothly.

Mobile Device Focus

uses metrics collected such as latencies and throughput accelerates the resolution of user-reported issues.

PCs, Macs & Thin Clients

are supported to for roll-out of centralized applications to desktop users.

NetApp Storage Focus

provides rapid resolution of storage-related issues that limit virtualized infrastructure performance.

Cisco UCS Focus

ensures the maximum return on IT investments in these platforms.

Manage via APIs or GUI

to suite any organization’s needs.

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"I cannot say this about a lot of products, but I can say that Xangati has been a game changer for us in our VDI environment by heading off big problems before they impact end-users and helping us dig in and fix the root cause for problems while they are happening."



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