Deliver the highest level of service assurance for Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon with View environments

Live & Continuous Monitoring

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Suite provides the industry’s first solution to comprehensively track end-to-end all key infrastructure components that affect VDI end-user experience.

Get live to the second awareness of the performance health of your entire VDI without requiring any software agents.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions & Software - Xangati
Xangati VDI Suite – 70% improvement of VDI end-user experience

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Achieve dramatic improvements in assurance of VDI end-user experience (EUX) and an over 70% accelerated problem resolution. Enhance the productivity of your incident management process using DVR recordings of actual issues and understand actual storage IOPs and CPU/memory requirements using actual production data.

Features and Benefits

Xangati Network Suite helps in monitoring the health of network infrastructure.

Business Benefits

Xangati collects and analyzes application-level metrics from Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View about users and the virtual desktops they are running in real-time and correlates those metrics with others collected from the end-to-end IT infrastructure. IT administrators can get the maximum utilization of their IT infrastructure while ensuring that they deliver excellent user experiences and Xangati empowers them to resolve issues in significantly less time per incident.

Saves you money

by improving the operational efficiency of the IT virtual infrastructure and by making better-informed IT purchase decisions.

Meet SLAs

consistently by leveraging Xangati’s visibility, root cause analysis, predictive analytics, and well-informed remediation advice.

Increase Productivity

for end users who are using virtual desktops, virtual applications and Web applications.

Mitigate Risks

associated with a “cloud and mobile” infrastructure, such as resource contention, while enjoying the benefits of an agile mobile workforce by tracking powerful metrics about mobile device latencies and throughput.

Faster Problem Resolution

by leveraging powerful, portable, DVR-like recordings to speed resolution by the helpdesk.

Resolve and Prevent

Storm Tracker and powerful DVR-like recordings leverage second-by-second metrics collected from the entire end-to-end virtual infrastructure including mobile devices, applications and users along with advanced analytics that determine the root cause of resource contention storms and predict future storms that can be averted if the remediation advice is followed – the dream tool for IT administrators and Helpdesk personnel.

Storm Tracker

provides Performance triage to identify fine-grain degradation.

Assure Performance

by implementing the prescriptive advice that Xangati provides, based on its unsurpassed visibility and advanced predictive analytics.

Increase Efficiency

with second-by-second visibility and a predictive analytics engine that discovers and flags over-utilized or under-utilized resources.

Save Time

by letting Xangati determine the root causes of alarm storms, and provide the exact steps necessary to remediate them.

Avoid Storms

with well-informed advice about what to rebalance and what to purchase, based upon analysis of past contention storms.

Better IT Purchase Decisions

are informed by powerful reports that can be created, scheduled and exported for circulation to stakeholders.

Minimize False Alarms

by leveraging the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that adjust threshold values continually.

Monitor at Scale

The Xangati in-memory, real-time analytics engine adjusts thresholds dynamically based on best practices and historical metrics to eliminate the need for continual manual adjustments. It discovers the root cause of alarm or resource contention storm and it projects future performance, availability and capacity utilization on at-a-glance dashboards and in its powerful reports which greatly aid IT personnel to increase the utilization of IT resources, achieve faster resolution times, and make faster and better informed IT investment decisions.


collection of metrics from the entire end-to-end virtual infrastructure including client devices provides unsurpassed visibility.


to provide unrivaled service assurance in the largest infrastructures in the world.

Automatic Discovery

of the IT infrastructure maps all dependencies.

Cross-silo View

eliminates finger-pointing and provides a holistic view of the complex, interdependent network infrastructure.

Monitor Worldwide Operations

with a single pane of glass with live performance indicators that provide real-time analytics at-a-glance oversight.

No Agents or Probes

are needed, eliminating administrative burdens and the need for server reboots.

Fast time to Clarity

is provided with easy installation & machine learning.

Reduce Brake-Fix Times

with powerful DVR-like recordings that provide unsurpassed visibility and guidance to resolve issues.

See Anomalous Traffic Alerts

in real-time to pinpoint any intentional or unintentional bad actors, with a minimum of false alarms.

Role-specific Dashboards

provide all of the information needed for each admin scenario including the new Executive dashboard, NOC dashboard and customizable My Dashboard.

End-to-End Visibility

Xangati provides unsurpassed end-to-end visibility on a live and continuous basis of the entire IT infrastructure from the datacenter out to mobile devices that are used to access deployed applications. When a threshold is crossed, or when manually initiated by a user a recording is captured which can be emailed to helpdesk personnel for unsurpassed issue resolution times.

Virtual Desktops

in Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon with View.

BYO Mobile Devices

support includes smart phones, tablets, PCs, Macs and thin-clients.


that exist inside and outside the organization are included.

User’s Experience

of virtual desktops is precisely known with no need of agents.

Virtual Infrastructures

powered by VMware ESXi or Citrix XenServer.

Physical Servers

include Cisco UCS as well as any industry standard servers.

Storage Systems

measured with deep support for NetApp storage on virtual infrastructures


based on smart, basic, physical or virtual switches for LAN, WAN or SAN.

Application Delivery Controllers

include the best-in-class Citrix NetScaler ADC.

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"I cannot say this about a lot of products, but I can say that Xangati has been a game changer for us in our VDI environment by heading off big problems before they impact end-users and helping us dig in and fix the root cause for problems while they are happening."



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