Predict or Overcome contention storms that could impact your end-user experience ASAP

Industry’s first solution to tackle performance storms devastating productivity in the cloud

Even the best run cloud environments are hit by storms of all kinds: storage storms, CPU storms, memory storms, boot storms and many more, crippling applications and disrupting end-user experiences.

With StormTracker, you can immediately identify storms with second-by-second insights, proactively track the impact and know how to quickly remediate them.

Live Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Laptop

Even the best run cloud environments are hit by storms of all kinds

Use our intelligent algorithms to identify storm patterns specifically tailored to your individual virtual environment

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on Tablet

StormTracker is unique in delivering live and continuous actionable insights for millions of interactions:

In-Memory Storm Detection Engine: Automated heuristics that continuously search for a combination of surging performance metrics and toxic interactions that represent various storm patterns. Advanced diagnostic heuristics to show the cause of the storm and which parts of your infrastructure have been impacted by it.

StormTracker User Interface: a highly interactive and contextual UI that provides the most comprehensive lens into a cloud environment with focused views showing storms across all vCenters; areas of impact; source of contention and resources impacted and a trending view of the storm to facilitate faster resolution.

Integrated Performance and Capacity Management: Integrate the understanding of contention-based performance storms into your capacity trending. Correlated capacity constraints to frequency of performance storms to build the optimal, most cost-effective infrastructure.

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