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Xangati for vSphere - Free

The best free VMware visibility and troubleshooting tool!

Pivotal insights delivered immediately in less than 30 minutes. Selected two years in a row as a "Best Free vSphere Tool" at VMworld 2010 and VMworld 2011.


  • A real-time health index that monitors the health of every object on your virtual infrastructure powered by our patent-pending Performance Health Engine
  • VMs, networks, hosts/hypervisors, datastores, apps, clients devices in one pane of glass
  • Real-time continuous UI with ability to DVR record anything
  • Rich historical reporting on VM, hypervisor, datastore and application activity

Instant value for server virtualization (VI)

  • Identify Top Ten resource hogs—CPU, memory, disk and network—to optimize your “hot” infrastructure
  • Capture the problem when a VM consumes excessive resources: vSphere alerts trigger Xangati DVR recordings of VM/ESX server activity
  • Discover which guest processes are responsible for CPU, memory and I/O surges

Instant value for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

  • Immediately uncover storage latencies that are affecting VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop user-experience
  • Identify network bottlenecks and latencies that are affecting how the virtual desktop is being presented
  • Track the performance health of the hypervisor that is hosting your virtual desktop VMs

Xangati for vSphere – Free

  • Less than 10 minute installation as an .OVF virtual appliance
  • Continuously track performance health to 10 VMs and their ESX server
  • VMware version supported:,vSphere 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0
  • UI shows live continuous “scroll bar” views, DVR recordings and reports
  • Windows Management Interface (WMI) feed allows deep insight into guest processes
  • PCoIP protocol performance statistics presented via special viewer window

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